The future belongs to crowds.
— Don DeLillo

We are Crowd Investing

Crowd investing is co-investment by a large group of people, the crowd, into a project or business. Crowd investing includes both equity (ownership) and debt (loan) forms of investing as well as projects which might blend the two. Though the specific offering differs from project to project, all are intended to provide a monetary return.

…Not Crowdfunding

In the case of traditional crowdfunding, users receive no equity in a project. Instead, crowdfunders usually receive a non-monetary return, for instance a t-shirt or a CD. In crowdfunding, people work together to finance a project, usually one which is charitable or artistic and which probably would not have been funded without the crowd. You can think of crowdfunding as a kind of donation. The folks who put money into crowdfunding just want to see a project happen and are motivated solely by altruism. 

Lake Superior Solar Finance is Mission Motivated Investment

We find that those who invest in solar projects through Lake Superior Solar Finance LLC are motivated by an interest in furthering the development of solar energy and understand that it can provide a return on their investment at the same time.