Lake Superior Solar Finance is a platform, powered by Silicon Prairie Online, that provides those seeking to invest in solar projects an opportunity to connect with those looking to find investors. We do that through operating a “MNvest” crowd investing portal. MNvest is a Minnesota law passed in 2015 allowing Minnesota businesses to raise money online from Minnesota investors for Minnesota projects (if you like reading State statutes, you can find the full law here!).

2015 Minnesota legislation that created standards for MNvest portals opened the possibility for everyone to participate in crowdfunding investing.  Federal securities regulations are met when solar projects meet the Department of Commerce guidelines for offerings on the portal.

The Technology
Our portal uses a FinTECH software technology, powered by Silicon Prairie Online, creating an easy-to-use interface platform between Issuers (those looking to borrow) and investors. The software technoogy can reduce friction typically experienced in raising equity/debt and assure compliance with the State of Minnesota Department of Commerce regulations. Soon, our platform will be able to offer a blockchain based distributed ledger to manage financial communications between issuers and stakeholder/investors. This disruptive technology when combined with a mobile app will bring a new level of transparency to communications, voting, and a new liquidity market never seen before.