An Innovative Way to Finance Solar in Minnesota

Lake Superior Solar Finance, a Minnesota LLC, is proud to announce the launch of it’s innovative solar finance model. The team recognized that community and nonprofit entities in Minnesota want to install solar, but lack funding. Meanwhile, there are many individuals that seek local solar investments that benefit their community, help create jobs, increase renewable energy use, generate energy income streams, and support a cleaner environment.

What has been missing is an investment format connecting those looking to develop solar pv with everyday people looking to support these projects. We sought to change that.

Lake Superior Solar Finance, LLC was founded in 2018 and our technology platform was created through a grant provided by the US Department of Energy through the SunShot Solar In Your Community Challenge grant. Using crowdfunding and blockchain technology, Lake Superior Solar Finance ha taken advantage of the new Minnesota MNVest investment statute. We’ve created a portal which creates a venue for those developing solar projects to find everyday people interested in investing in those projects.

Lake Superior Solar Finance’s mission is to power the transition to a clean energy future through crowdsource finance. We connect those seeking funding for solar projects with everyday people seeking socially responsible investments.