What, exactly, is Lake Superior Solar Finance?

Lake Superior Solar Finance’s Crowd Investing (or Investment crowdfunding) is a new way for solar developers, businesses, and non-profits interested in developing solar projects to raise money using crowd platform technology. An issuer can make an equity or debt placement offering scaled for everyone. It’s similar to “Kickstarter” but the backers get real STOCK or returns on their investment instead of items like T-shirts or coffee mugs.

What does this mean for me?

You can skip traditional gatekeepers to pursue investment from the people that have a real interest in your success. The average person doesn’t have a large pile of cash laying around, so you need a way to combine many small investments together to reach the same fundraising goals – that’s Crowd investing! Transactions must occur on special websites called a portal, to ensure the investment is handled legally. Now your friends, family & fans can help make the dream a reality AND they are protected by owning REAL shares.

What’s possible?

Regulation crowd investing provides a legal way for small to mid-sized businesses to raise $50,000 to $2 Million dollars of capital for operating expenses or expansion (additional tools may allow up to $5 Million). This program bridges the gap between the SBA/ bank loans and formal Angel/ Venture Capital investment. Previously, issuing shares required a banker, lawyer, and accountant – now technology does the heavy lifting to reduce the cost by approximately 80% compared to the old manual process.

  • Unlock a new way to raise money for your business

  • Democratic access to a broad range of people, ideas, and businesses

  • Online platform streamlines the process to issue shares AND invest

  • Cost to issue shares is under $10,000 (compared to $50,000 manually)

  • Engaged and excited investors

Steps in creating an offering on Lake Superior Solar Finance

  1. Sign a contract with us, we help you gather the appropriate documents

  2. Complete the state application, on hold during a 10 day review period

  3. We upload the campaign and you begin marketing

  4. Accept investor pledges and encourage them to complete transactions

  5. Investment funds go into your campaign’s escrow account

  6. Reach your minimum goal to unlock funds from escrow

  7. Investor e-signs their documents and disbursement occurs per the offering

  8. Close the raise or choose to keep it open for up to 12 months

  9. If Minimum goal is not reached, investments unwind back to their owners