The role of Lake Superior Solar Finance is simply to create a venue where anyone interested in becoming investors in solar projects can find the projects looking for their support. The projects you see are the ventures of solar developers, businesses, non-profits, and property owners - known as “Issuers” - looking to raise equity or debt in order to make their projects come to life. The specific offering for each project varies from issuer to issuer and are thoroughly outlined by each issuer in the documents you will find on their project site including their business plan, balance sheet, financials, Private Placement Memorandum, and their agreement. To view all documents, simply create an account!

How To Invest through Lake Superior Solar Finance

The process is pretty straight forward:

  1. Browse listings (here)

  2. Create an account (here)

  3. Confirm your account

  4. Fill out your Investor Profile

  5. Review the offering’s documentation to understand the details of the offering.

  6. Acknowledge risks

  7. Pledge an Investment Commitment

  8. Fund your Pledge by connecting your bank account

  9. Sign a subscription agreement

  10. Receive your shares