Issuing a project on the Lake Superior Solar Finance portal is significantly less expensive than the debt or equity placement costs incurred through traditional methods. Lake Superior Solar Finance fees are on a sliding scale based on the size of the size of the funds being raised through the portal. There are two types of portal fees:

On-Boarding Fee: This fee covers the costs for establishing the offering and getting it listed on the portal. (note - this does not include expenses related to engaging your attorney or accountant as may be needed for the completion of Department of Commerce disclosure documents).

Monthly Hosting Fee: This fee covers the on-going web hosting costs for the listing.

In addition to these fees, your offering’s escrow account will incur an escrow fee. The escrow fee will be paid directly to the bank managing the escrow account. Lake Superior Solar Finance will assist in establishing the escrow account as a part of your on-boarding process.ed, investments unwind back to their owners.